Coworking Spaces In The Balkan Area – Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria


Albania is famous for its pristine beaches, dreamy cobblestone villages, and budget-friendly prices — but that’s not all. In recent years, it’s also become a popular hotspot for digital nomads! 

While many people rave about other digital nomad destinations in the Balkans (I’m looking at you, Montenegro and Croatia), Albania is also making big headlines lately. 

In fact, Albania has a lot: it’s centrally located yet not in the EU, has an excellent mix of beaches and nature, and is one of the most budget-friendly countries in Europe. 

The first co-working Space in Albania is My Office’Al, established in 2014. Since then, many co-working spaces have opened their doors to the public. Below, you can find the list of co-working spaces in Albania.

Innospace Tirana

City: Tirana
Monthly fee: 135 EUR

Innospace Tirana is a perfect spot for both individual entrepreneurs and startups. The place offers access to an open coworking space, private offices with balconies, as well as training rooms, a kitchen, and a Skype room. Additionally, Innospace Tirana has a veranda, on which visitors can chill and relax – it comes with tables and a barbecue pit. What is more, users can enjoy free parking spaces for cars, nearby supermarkets, and secured lockers to keep their belongings. It is worth mentioning that the Innospace Tirana is located in the heart of the Albanian capital city. 

Dutch Hub

City: Tirana, Shkoder, Korce, Sarande
Monthly fee: 150 EUR

Dutch Hub is one of the biggest coworking spaces available in Tirane, but its services are also available in other Albanian cities, including Shkoder, Korca, and Saranda. It offers hourly, daily, and long-term plans for individual entrepreneurs and teams. Among its services, Dutch Hub offers access to open space, private offices for up to 25 people, and an event area available for rent. It is also equipped with a kitchen, outdoor terrace, chill-out area, and meditation room. In addition, the place is accessible for wheelchair users and has high-security control. 


City: Tirana 
Monthly fee: 150 EUR

MyOffice’Al is situated only a few minutes away from the Central Train Station in Tirana, so the location is perfect not only for local entrepreneurs and startup teams, but also for traveling freelancers. The place offers access to fully-furnished contemporary offices, flexible membership plans, as well as an entrepreneur’s network to share work experiences. In addition, members can use the meeting and teleconference room, as well as the bar and entertainment areas. 


City: Tirana
Monthly fee: 150 EUR

Coolab is a modern coworking place and a community hub, which is located only a few minutes away from the nearest public transport stations and the city centre of the capital city of Albania. The mission of Coolab is not only to create a comfortable workspace for freelancers and startups, but also to make a supportive network and a place to relax during work time. The coworking space gives access to fixed, flexible desks, private offices, training and meeting rooms, as well as chill-out areas. What is more, members can use the swimming pool, nap & meditation room, yoga studio, and outdoor terrace. In addition, the place is children-friendly as it offers childcare!

Nomad Island Coliving Tirana

City: Tirana
Monthly fee: 180 EUR

Nomad Island offers coworking spots as well depending on availability. A boutique spot in an old villa, quality furniture, a great chill-out area and a great location not far away from the old bazaar (Pasari i Ri) make this a prime spot.

North Macedonia


City: Skopje
Monthly fee: 105 EUR

Coffice is a North Macedonian coworking space located in Skopje’s city center. The place consists of two floors, where on the first entrepreneurs can find private offices, and on the second floor, there is an open working area. Additionally, all the offices have access to a private kitchen and bar with a dining room. It is worth mentioning that Coffice is equipped with a skype room and hosts events for their community. What is more, this coworking space is animal friendly so freelancers do not have to part with their beloved furry friends.

Kasarna Hub

City: Ohrid
Monthly fee: 115 EUR

Kasarna Hub is a startup center situated nearby the old military barracks in Ohrid, one of the North Macedonian cities. Besides the standard equipment such as private offices, event spaces for rent, and meeting rooms, the place offers wide services for the community members, such as events, workshops, lunches, mentorship, accelerator and incubator programs, and a dedicated app. What is more Kasarne Hub gives access to the nap and meditation room, and the outdoor terrace, enjoying drinking free drinks, and playing board games. Every car owner can easily park their vehicle on the free parking on premise, and every animal lover can bring to the coworking space their cat or dog. 


City: Ohrid
Monthly fee: 95 EUR

Last but not least, a CoWorkOhrid is another coworking space located only a few minutes away from the city center of Ohrid. Members can enjoy the free parking, as well as the private offices, meeting and conference rooms, all available 24 hours a day. The place ensures free drinks, like coffee and tea, as well as snacks. All the community members can enjoy taking part in the organized meet-ups, courses, workshops, and team-building sessions. 


Work Space One 

City: Belgrade

Monthly fee: from 220 EUR 

Work Space One is based in the heart of Belgrade, in the city’s Central Business District. The coworking space offers several areas: coworking spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and virtual offices. All in all, there are 34 offices equipped with ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, access control, meeting rooms available for a maximum of 20 people, conference rooms, and a furnished outdoor relaxation area. In addition, the space includes such features as lockable offices, phone booths, audio and video equipment, and it offers concierge services. 


City: Belgrade

Monthly fee: from RSD23,000 per person 

The well-known Regus has five coworking spaces in Belgrade – high-quality ergonomic 244 private offices, 55 coworking desks, and 15 meeting rooms with hot desks and drop-ins. Furthermore, the Serbian Regus includes telecoms, high-speed internet, and bookable on-demand offices. You can book serviced offices with utilities and an on-site support team, custom offices with storage options and focus spaces, and get an official membership, allowing you to visit several workspaces, lounges, and break-out areas.

Smart office 

City: Belgrade

Monthly fee: 195 EUR (without a contract)

One more coworking space in the city centre, Smart Office, has 30 desks, 2 conference rooms, and a virtual office. In addition, the area includes a smart kitchen with free snacks and a drinking area, an open zone, a masterclass space, personal lockers, and chill-out corners. The offices are well-equipped, having scanners, printers, projectors, and photocopiers. And one more nice bonus – the coworking spaces are dog and cat-friendly. 

Nova Iskra creative hub 

City: Belgrade

Monthly fee: from 170 EUR  

Nova Iskra is a heaven for creative teams, innovators, digital nomads, young entrepreneurs, and startups. The hub has three modern office spaces in Belgrade, offering high-speed fibre-optic Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, whiteboards, Skype booths, mailboxes, and more. Additionally, Nova Iskra conducts community events, like lectures, workshops, webinars, matchmaking, and coworking hangouts. It also has a studio, helping businesses and startups with product and service development through its programs, initiatives, and partnerships.

ICT Hub Playground 

City: Belgrade

Monthly fee: from 140 EUR  

ICT Hub Playground combines several roles. It has a coworking space with smart TV, whiteboard, WiFi, flipchart, and a sound system with wireless microphones. Also, ICT funds early-stage Serbian startups, and it helps with project and business development. The hub is popular among IT specialists thanks to its tech events and gatherings. It is cat and dog-friendly and has karaoke, darts, and a library. 

Infostud HUB

City: Subotica, Belgrade

Monthly fee: 75 EUR

Infostud Hub serves as a coworking space, a community and educational centre, and a place for events. The working area is a shared office space with 24 work units, 3 meeting rooms, a library, a kitchen, and a lounge. Additionally, the hub offers free courses, weekly meetups, hackathons, workshops, and movie screenings. 

Navigator II 

City: Belgrade

Monthly fee: from EUR 275 per person 

Navigator II is part of the Navigator Business Center, an 8-floor office area situated in the city centre, 15 minutes away from the national airport. The workspace has 85 private offices, 4 meeting rooms, and 24 coworking desks. Additionally, the building is LEED Gold certified, and there are 500 parking places, parking for bicycles, and a fitness club. 

Hab na Brdu 

City: Belgrade, Banovo Brdo

Monthly fee: from 150 EUR

Hab na Brdu calls itself a micro coworking hub. It is located in a quiet area next to a park forest. The space includes five working spaces, a meeting office, and a small kitchen. As for the facilities, it has two internet connections, a drawing board, and a so-called “copy-print-scan station.” Hab na Brdu suits those who value calmness and relaxation.

Startit Centar 

City: Belgrade, Zrenjanin, Novy Sad, Indija, Vršac, Subotica, Šabac, Kragujevac

Monthly fee: from EUR 150 

Stratit Centaris is another popular space among tech savvies. Located in several Serbian cities, this coworking space offers a wide range of facilities, including meeting rooms, Skype cabins, libraries, fast-speed optical internet, and a terrace. In addition, it has some entertainment options, like table tennis, a PlayStation, and free coffee. Stratit Centaris also organizes educational events, meetups, and themed events. 

We Share 

City: Belgrade

Monthly fee: EUR 150 

We Share has three spaces in Belgrade. This place suits small businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs by offering private offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, conference rooms, and a kitchen. In addition, We Share is a very convenient place thanks to its 24/7 accessibility, a private office equipped with Steel case furniture, and a virtual office that includes post services.  


Campus X

City: Sofia 
Monthly fee: from 133 EUR

Campus X is located in the capital city of Bulgaria only a 5-minute walk from the nearest means of public transport. It offers its users access to private, shared, and virtual offices, as well as to event spaces and meeting rooms. Besides that, the coworking area is offering services like customizing office design, HR, IT, Legal, and Finance advisory.  Moreover, being part of the Campus X community has plenty of advantages, as it enables taking part in accelerator and incubator programs, pitching events, taking part in community lunches, and using the specially designed app.


City: Sofia 
Monthly fee: 220 EUR

betahaus coworking space has two locations in the city centre of Sofia which are the perfect working areas for small companies and startups. Both of them offer access to the fully equipped kitchen and dining area, private lockers, phone booths, and meeting rooms. beathaus is accessible for wheelchair users, as well as for dog lovers, who can come to the places with their pets. Additionally, the coworking spaces have a library, and a pool table, and offer a variety of events for their community members like workshops and community lunches. 


City: Sofia 
Monthly fee: 149 EUR

HQ96 coworking space is located near the underground station, 5 minutes away from the nearest airport, and 10 minutes away from the city centre. The place is dedicated to creators and innovators, offering its users fully equipped workspaces and private offices. Additionally, in this working area users can find Skype rooms, lockers, and phone booths, as well as use equipment such as a 3D printer, photocopiers, and scanner. What is more, community members can enjoy taking part in special pitching events and taking part in accelerators programs. 

Networking Premium Coworking

City: Sofia, Plovdiv 
Monthly fee: from 100 EUR

Networking Premium Coworking offers its users not one, but six different locations in Bulgaria, five of them are in Sofia and one is situated in Plovdiv. The place is designed to boost the creativity of entrepreneurs, offering 24h access, security, a kitchen, as well as entertainment rooms and event spaces. These coworking spaces offer their members co-living accommodation, Skype rooms, and on-site Airbnb. What is more, it has professional lighting and video equipment, a Chromecast, access to the microphone, and a drone. Networking Premium Coworking is an animal-friendly place, as it welcomes all cats and dogs. Additionally, these working areas give access to the board/arcade games, and laundry services.


City: Sofia 
Monthly fee: 179 EUR

SOHO is located in the heart of the capital city of Bulgaria. This coworking space is dedicated to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and professionals, especially from the creative sector. The place has private offices, Skype rooms, phone booths, personal lockers, and several event spaces for rent. Additionally, the space is full of chill-out areas in which you can relax on Hammocks or the outdoor terrace. The SOHO community members can enjoy taking part in organized events, as well as taking part in workshops, and enjoy spending time during community lunches and drinks. 

Coworking Bansko 

City: Bansko
Monthly fee: 129 EUR without VAT

Coworking Bansko is a great place for individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads, as well as small companies. It is located in Bansko, not far from the city centre, offering its members 24h access and bike parking. This coworking space offers one chill-out area, an outdoor terrace, and a nap room. The place is fully equipped, providing access to a kitchen, a podcasting room, co-living accommodation, and a private locker. What is more, the community members can take part in specially organized events and workshops as well as join the sports teams.  

Work & Share

City: Sofia 
Monthly fee: from 179 EUR

Work & Share coworking space is a great working area for freelancers, startups, small companies, and corporations from the tech sector. The place is located not so far from the city centre and only 5 minutes away from the nearest means of public transport. Moreover, the place has bike parking and storage and is accessible 24 hours. The coworking space offers access to the team, virtual and private offices, Skype rooms phone boots, and showers. Additionally, the place has an outdoor terrace and one chill out area, where you can enjoy playing table tennis, darts, arcade games, or even have a massage after a hard day!

Puzl CowOrKing

City: Sofia 
Monthly fee: from 164 EUR

Puzl CowOrKing gives its members access 24/7 thanks to unique key cards. The place offers the usage of office booths, for private 1-to-1 conversation, showers, and lockers. Additionally, it guarantees packages and postal services. The coworking space offers 178 parking spots for those commuting by car, as well as bike parking and storage. It is located only a few minutes away from the nearest means of public transport, and it is accessible for dog lovers! Stay tuned, as the Puzl CowOrKing is planning to open its facilities in other European cities, such as Bucharest and Budapest. 

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