Yes, our minimum rental period is 1 month. BUT after, you can stay as long as you want. 

Our rooms range from 8m²to 35 m².

No. We have several washing machines though that are free to use, so you are all set.

There is a maximum of 4 people sharing 1  bathroom. We have a spacious kitchen that is shared between all colivers. Since the property if small and cozy there is ample space for you to get creative. Besides that, our members often prepare meals together or eat out together in the evening. Also, occasionally we have locals to prepare lunch and we’ll let you know if that’s available when you arrive. 

Yes! And if you realize that something is missing, just let us know!

Our coliving rooms are the home of our members. Therefore we only do visits to those if we have a free room to show you. However, You can always visit our coworking space or come by for a coffe and chat.

It starts with your online application. In case we have a free room, we make a pre-selection, meaning we choose a couple of applicants that we think are a great fit for the space and our colivers. After our pre-selection, we will contact you for a quick chat. Since we only have very limited space (rooms and apartments), we are often booked. But we will let you know if we can make you part of our “pool of applicants” to offer you a space at a later stage in case we cannot accommodate you right away.

Yes. We do have rooms that cater for couples, some very spacious,  others with more limited space. Let us know when you send us your enquiry and we will help you find what’s best for you.

We love pets but unfortunately we have a no-pet policy because of possible allergies of other members.

We may occasionally have space just to work. Just get in touch and ask us so we can check for the time you are interested in. 

Most people at Nomad Island stay between 1 and 3 months. Guests are working professionals with a young and adventurous soul. Nomad Island is not a party place, but guests are overall very social and like to meet other digital nomads and locals. 

Coliving indicates people living together, it exists in several forms all over the world. At Nomad Island this means that people come stay temporarily to live, work and meet others. Because we mostly offer private rooms, Nine provides you with a combination of privacy and community. 

The Airport Shuttle Bus runs daily from Tirana city centre to the airport and vice versa. During peak hours there are large buses, during the rest of the time the shuttle is a minivan or a furgon.

Once you come out of the terminal, just go left directly to the car park to find a bus marked TIRANA, or have a local guide you there.

Price and times of the shuttle
Price: 300 Lek/person (one way), buy directly from the driver
Tirana -> TIA – 7.00 to 23.00 every hour
TIA -> Tirana – 8.00 to 24.00 every hour

Take the airport shuttle bus until Skanderbeg square (20 mins )in the heart of the city and then just walk to Nomad Island (10 mins).

Tipp: If you download a Google Map of Albania, you won’t even need data yet. If you like to get a SIM Card, you can find shops of for example Vodafone Albania near the square.

Taxi airport – Tirana
A taxi ride from the airport costs about €20. 

There are also rental car companies situated directly inside the terminal building at the airport.

LEK. One Euro is aproximaltely 120 LEK. Euro is also widely accepted, just not for smaller amounts like bus fares or a coffee. 

You can withdraw Lek at the airport or when you get to Tirana. We recommend Credins bank as they often don’t charge fees for withdrawal (there may still be fees from the side of your card issuing bank depending on the card you use).

220 V, 50 Hz, two-pin round plugs (European format).

Electrical outlet Albania

Well of course we made sure that is the absolute best. We have a 100 mb glass fiber connection throughout the entire house. So no worries.