Cost of living in Albania, food costs, rent costs, clothing costs, etc – Updated Jul 2022

The total cost of living in Albania for two people with medium monthly consumption excluding housing costs: $765.25.

Albania is a country located in Southern Europe. Albania borders the following countries: Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia. Albania has an area of 28,748 square metres. Population size 2,986,952 persons and population density 103.9 per km2. The language spoken in Albania is Albanian. Albania has GDP at a level of $12,800,000,000. GDP per capita is $4285.

Currencies used in Albania Albanian Lek

High-ranking domains in Albania: .al

Estimate of the cost of living in Albania

The total cost of living in Albania for two people with medium monthly consumption excluding housing costs: $765.25.

Prices for visits to cafés and restaurants

A meal in a reasonably priced restaurant€5.04
Meal for 2 persons, middle-class restaurant, three dishes€18.48
Menu Mcdonald’s or alternative fast food€4.03
Home-made beer, 0.5 l€1.26
Import beer, 0.33 l bottle€1.48
Coca-Cola, 0.33 l can€1.00

Food prices

Water, 0.33 l bottle€0.46
Milk, ordinary, 1 l€1.03
Fresh white bread, 0.5 kg€0.51
White rice, 1 kg€1.08
Eggs, pack of 12€1.39
Local cheese€4.65
Boneless and skinless chicken breast, 1 kg€3.99
Beef fillet, red meat, 1 kg€6.87
Apples, 1 kg€0.83
Bananas, 1 kg€1.45
Oranges, 1 kg€0.93
Tomatoes, 1 kg €0.71
Potatoes, 1 kg€0.49
Onions, 1 kg€0.48
Lettuce, one head€0.60
Water, 1.5 l bottle€0.44
One bottle of wine, medium price€5.04
Homemade beer, 0.5 l bottle€0.75
Import beer, 0.33 l bottle€1.13
A pack of cigarettes€2.52

Getting around

Fixed fare €2.10
Taxi, price per kilometre, normal fare €2.10
Taxi, price per one hour waiting time, normal fare €10.63
Petrol, 1 l 1.4 €10.630
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 KW Trendline (or equivalent car) €18,466.68
Honda Civic 1.6 or a new car of a similar class €18,391.49

Communication services, Sport and recreation, monthly

Utility services for 85m2 flat, including electricity, heating or cooling, water and rubbish collection. €59.22
Prepaid mobile phone tariff, price per minute, without any discount or extra charges€0.20
Internet, 60 MB/s or more, unlimited data, cable / ADSL€18.72
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult€27.96
Tennis court rental, 1 hour on weekends€5.67

Salary and funding

Cinema ticking, 1 seat €4.19
Average monthly net salary €321.83
The interest rate for a property loan 0.07 %

Costs for children

Private preschool or kindergarten, monthly for 1 child €135.96
International primary school, annually for 1 child €2,775.68

Clothing and shoes

A pair of jeans in a brand shop €44.86
Summer dress in a brand shop €34.60
A pair of trainers, medium price €66.71
One pair of leather shoes €67.39

Rental prices, monthly

Flat, 1 room, in the city centre €198.21
Flat, 1 room, outside the city centre €125.38
Flat, 3 rooms, in the city centre €391.91
Flat, 3 rooms, outside the city centre €236.33

Prices for buying a flat

Price per m2 for buying a flat in the city centre – €1,219.90
Price per m2 for buying a flat outside the city centre – €586.60

Travel ticket €0.33
Monthly ticket. Normal price €12.59

In summary, Albania is a lot cheaper than for example Germany. Food is 39% cheaper. Food in restaurants and bars is up to 51%. And the cost of living in Albania is less than in Germany, about 46%. If we want to spend time actively or have fun, we pay less than in Germany, about 23%.

Are hotels expensive in Albania? How much will we pay for a room in Albania?

The average accommodation price in Albania is €44 (ALL 5100). If you are looking for the cheapest accommodation: in a cheap one-star hotel you will pay: €34 (4000 ALL) and if you like hostels you will stay there: €21 (2500 ALL). The cost of a room in a 2-star hotel in Albania is €39 (4500 ALL). 3-star hotels offer accommodation on average for €42 (4900 ALL) Staying in a 4-star hotel costs €56 (6400 ALL) in Albania If you are looking for the best conditions for your stay, then you will have to pay €81 (9400 ALL) in 5-star hotels, which offer much more luxury.

What is the cost of living in Albania?

Cost of Living Albania

The total cost of living in Albania for two people with medium monthly consumption excluding housing costs is $765.25.

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